Posted in June 2019

Gold Digger: The Remarkable Baby Doe Tabor by Rebecca Rosenberg


One look at Baby Doe and you know she was meant to be a legend! She was just twenty years old when she came to Colorado to work a gold mine with her new husband. Little did she expect that she’d be abandoned and pregnant and left to manage the gold mine alone. But that didn’t stop her!

She moved to Leadville and fell in love with a married prospector, twice her age. Horace Tabor struck the biggest silver vein in history, divorced his wife and married Baby Doe. Though his new wife was known for her beauty, her fashion, and even her philanthropy, she was never welcomed in polite society.

Discover how the Tabors navigated the worlds of wealth, power, politics, and scandal in the wild days of western mining.

“Rosenberg’s rollicking Western adventure strikes gold with a gutsy, good-hearted spitfire of a heroine and action aplenty.”
—THELMA ADAMS, bestselling author of The Last Woman Standing

Gold Digger tells the true story of Lizzie “Baby Doe” Tabor, a beautiful young woman who in 1878 marries the son of a wealthy miner in order to save her family from penury. Shrewd and stubborn, Lizzie fights back-biting Victorian society, wins and loses vast fortunes, and bests conniving politicians in her larger-than-life story. A twisting tale worthy of Mark Twain, with a big-hearted heroine at the center. 
—MARTHA CONWAY, author of The Underground River 

My review:

Rebecca Rosenberg tells the intriguing story of Baby Doe Tabor in this page-turner, Gold Digger: The Remarkable Baby Doe Tabor. Baby Doe was a beautiful and strong woman determined to make it on her own in the Wild West after being abandoned by her husband. A historical, rollicking western with an inspiring love story! I can’t wait to read the next chapter in Baby Doe’s life!

About the author:

Rebecca grew up in Colorado exploring old mines, ghost towns and honky-tonks with her family, sparking her life-long love of the Rocky Mountains and obsession with the Tabors. She learned about Baby Doe when she was five years old, and read every dime-store brochure about her: the love triangle, her daughters, Silver Dollar and Lily, and the Matchless Mine. She began writing Gold Digger: the Remarkable Baby Doe Tabor fifteen years ago and has been rewriting it ever since, amidst writing other books. Rebecca is a devotee of spirited women who lived in the past. Her 2018 book, The Secret Life of Mrs. London (Lake Union Publishing) was an award-winning, Amazon bestselling book and a Wiki Marvelous Novel of the 20th Century. Her other books include Lavender Fields of America (2012) and Champagne Widows (2020). Rebecca is an alumni of the University of Colorado and holds a Stanford University Novel Writing Certificate. She now lives and writes on her lavender farm in Sonoma, California, where the she and her husband, Gary, founded the largest lavender product company in America. Their King Charles Spaniel, Maxcy, named after Maxcy Tabor, likes to roam the fields with his owners. The Rosenbergs support many causes in the Sonoma Community through volunteering, financial donations and board positions.

2 thoughts on “Gold Digger: The Remarkable Baby Doe Tabor by Rebecca Rosenberg

    1. Thank you for reviewing Gold Digger! Baby Doe Tabor is a great real-life woman to write about!


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